About Us

Rump Ruffresh - Cleanliness, Convenience & Charity

This company vision started with me waiting at a red light and seeing a dog owner waiting for their pup to finish their business… one hand holding an old grocery bag and the other holding the leash. Once the pup was done, she picked up the waste and left… this is when I realized that in the routine of walking our pets, we never pay attention to that neglected rump. I thought that there had to be a way to make daily pet walks easier while also addressing those rumps…. and that’s how “Rump Ruffresh” was born.


We are dedicated to helping all the fur babies still waiting for a home in various animal organizations within the U.S. With our “Give Back” program, we will use the votes of our customers to choose a deserving animal organization that will receive our $5,000 Give Back donation. This drawing will be every quarter (pending sales revenue).